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From the Board

Message from the First President of the Kernersville Museum Foundation

The Importance of the Museum, the Depot, and Your Participation

     The past is a transient notion. Each day that slips past us in the course of our fast-paced lives becomes our past. As each and every one passes through our lives and handle the artifacts and documents that mark our contributions to society, be them small and insignificant or great and significant, has the thought ever crossed our minds of what will become of these slips of our mortality? These artifacts, photographs, communications, and documents mark out the limits of our presence in the world, whether they are borne and live digital or exist as tangible objects. Even long after we have passed from this plain of existence, these artifacts, records, photographs, and memorabilia will live on as proof we each walked this earth and made our mark in this world. And where with these treasures find the care to ensure their immortality? In all likelihood, in a Museum.

     Although it may be decades or centuries before the treasures we have today find their way to the preservation and prominence to live in a Museum, there is nothing stopping us from supporting the facilities that preserve and ensure the longevity of the artifacts, photographs, and memorabilia from a generation or more ago today.

No donation is too small or insignificant. Whether it is in time and funding or funding alone, or a one-time gift or one spread across years, every donation brings us a step closer to ensuring our Museum and Depot collections remain protected and preserved for future generations.

     By supporting the efforts of The Kernersville Museum Foundation, you become a part of this remarkable undertaking to preserve the history of the Town of Kernersville and become a part of the Museum and the Depot’s history as well. Through your contribution, you will leave a mark in the history of the Museum and Depot, ensuring your presence will live on for generations to come.

     I thank you for taking the time to consider supporting The Kernersville Museum Foundation. It is my hope that the vision and message we share will cultivate your interest in supporting our Foundation’s goal and help us become the living history for the Town of Kernersville. Please feel free to contact me, or any member of the Board of Directors, directly regarding any questions or concerns you might have.

John G. Wolfe, III
President, 2015 
The Kernersville Museum Foundation

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