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Historic Village

The Weaning Cabin as it sat originally off of Hopkins road.

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The Historic Village at the Kernersville Museum showcases early structures as they once stood, including a weaning cabin and a tobacco barn. Structures in the Village were transported and reconstructed on site thanks to generous supporters for the enjoyment and education of the Kernersville community. 

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Porch Restoration: Funding for this project was made possible through the sponsorship of the Joseph Kerner Chapter, National Society Daughters of the American Revolution. 

Tobacco Barn Restoration

Project Progress Pictures


Future site of the Kernersville Museum Tobacco Barn Restoration Project!


First load of stone for the foundation


Unloading first load tobacco logs from original barn

IMG_9588 (1)

Tobacco Logs moved from original barn


Tobacco Barn Logs


More stone for foundation


Handmade bricks have arrived. They had to be unloaded one by one to prevent them from breaking


The second load of logs have arrived

20180731_143828 (1)

The future foundation of the Tobacco Barn


Pouring the cement for the footers


Work begins on getting the footers up and the frame of the barn started


Getting the footers in and ready so the building of the foundation can begin.


Half of the foundation done, the stone work is absolutely beautiful!


Construction of the foundation

20180912_120402 (1)

The flue chutes are added to the front of the barn


Finished foundation of the barn complete with two flue chutes on the front. The next phase will be adding the logs.


The first logs being added to the barn.

Log Work

Five layers of logs have been added to the barn. Work on the barn has continued at a steady pace.

Tobacco Barn roof

The walls of the tobacco barn are done. The roof is now being added on.

Tobacco Barn Roof

The roof of the barn being added on.


The roof has been added!

Inside look at the rafters

Inside look at the roof of the barn.


The chinking process is almost complete. Chinking was a process that farmers would use to help insulate the barns.

Ribbon Cutting

On October 9, 2018 the official Ribbon Cutting for the Tobacco Barn took place

Finished Product

On October 20, 2018 the Tobacco Barn officially opened to the public

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