Mission Statement

The Kernersville Museum Foundation exists to collect, display, and preserve the prehistory and history of the Town of Kernersville. Its Mission is two-fold:

     * To promote the collection, preservation, educational interpretation, and display of those artifacts, documents, and events most representative of the Town of Kernersville – its history, its people and institutions, its cultural and economic development; and

     * To preserve the heritage of the Town of Kernersville for the benefit of present and future citizens. In addition to preserving Town of Kernersville history in the form of documents, records, memorabilia, and other items associated with historic Kernersville, we will promote and provide education and expand knowledge about the history of the Town of Kernersville. The Kernersville Museum Foundation is committed to the active preservation of the history of the Town of Kernersville by engaging its primary constituents – its staff, the community, and its supporters – in the process of recognizing and acquiring materials of enduring historic value that reflect the diversity of the community, the Museum and the Depot serves. On behalf of The Kernersville Museum Foundation, the Board of Directors is authorized, through the Collections Committee, to review all records, photographs, and memorabilia in order to identify those of enduring value. The Kernersville Museum Foundation provides fair access to the Museum, the Depot, and the collections by the public per the Foundation’s access and use policy.

The Kernersville Museum Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.


Kernersville Museum
The Kernersville Museum
127 W. Mountain Street
Kernersville, NC 27284