The Kernersville Museum Foundation Board of Directors

The Kernersville Museum Foundation 2020 List of Board and Committees

The organizational structure of The Kernersville Museum Foundation reflects a two-tier structure. The first tier encompasses our Board of Directors. The second tier represents the Foundation’s Committee structure.

Current Board of Directors


President – Angela Pearman

Vice President - Molly B. Smith

2nd Vice President - Kim Herman
Secretary – Kay Pinnix
Treasurer – Monte Long

Past President - Jason Grubbs


Director – Mark Chandler
Director – Anne Coltrane

Director - Jason Grubbs

Director - William Harriston

Director - Kim Herman

Director- Monte Long

Director - Wayne Mabe

Director - Kevin Masten

Director - Chandra Parker

Director - Angie Pearman

Director - Rick Pierce
Director – Kay Pinnix
Director – Bertha Prim

Director - Molly Beasley Smith

Director - Chris Thompson

Director - John Wolfe, III



Community Development - Angela Pearman

Museum Development - Monte Long

Kernersville Museum
The Kernersville Museum
127 W. Mountain Street
Kernersville, NC 27284