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Meet Dunlap

Who is Dunlap? Dunlap is an elephant stuffed animal toy that was sold at Pinnix Drug store in the 1950s. He was donated to the Museum by John Wolfe, III around 2018. He still has his original price tag on his collar. His charming ears reminded staff that they "lapped" over his sweet button eyes and the nickname "Dunlap" stuck. As we began to research more into the background of this particular item, we decided who better to introduce kids to our local history than "Dunlap". 

Dunlap now serves as our kids' ambassador here at the Kernersville Museum. He will introduce kids' programming and events here at the Museum. So look for Dunlap on the Kernersville Museum website and social media sites and follow him for more information. 

Kids: Have fun with these special activities from Dunlap!!! 
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