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Bellamy House

The Bellamy House was built in 1880. In 1919, George Harriss Bellamy, Jr. (1886-1964) and his wife, Iona Morton Bellamy (1892-1964), bought the house from Lizzie Sapp and moved in on July 4th of that year. Mr. Bellamy was employed by R J Reynolds Tobacco Company until he retired. Mrs. Bellamy was a homemaker and never learned to drive. They raised four children in the house: William Morton (1914-1983), Kathryn Naomi (1917-  ), Louise Boylan (1922-2005), and George Harriss, lll (1928-2003). Kathryn married Robert C. Keys, Jr. and had two children: Kathryn Louise (Kay) and Robert lll. Louise married William Charles Edwards and had one son, William Jr. (Bill).

In 1922, when Louise was born, running water was added and the well, located on the back porch, was covered. The well hook remains. In the back yard, there were grape vines and a shallow fishpond built by William Bellamy and Charles Edwards. Mr. Bellamy maintained an extensive garden on the back property next to Harmon Park. Chickens and a cow were raised in the backyard when the children were little.

The home was always open to friends and many lively dances and parties were hosted when the children were teenagers. There was a swing on the front porch where Kay, daughter of Kathryn, was courted by her future husband, Joe Pinnix, Jr. when she visited during the summers and holidays. Joe would walk down to the house after closing Pinnix Drug Store.

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