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Then and Now Project

Description: The Then & Now Project gives students the chance to directly see how history has changed our town. Members will travel around Kernersville and take pictures of historic buildings and sites. They will then go to the Kernersville Museum Digital Archive and attempt to find the same buildings or sites they had taken pictures of and compare how they have changed over time. The photographs can be printed out and laid side by side to compare the differences.

Where to find Resources?

1. The Kernersville Museum Digital Archive

    a. Go to the News button on the top menu              bar.

    b. Pick Resources on the drop down menu.

    c. Scroll down and click on the Digital                      Archive link.

2. The Forsyth County Library

    a. Look for books on Kernersville


Historic Train Depot

The historic train depot was built in 1873 and is located on the corners of Bodenhamer and North Main Streets. The citizens of Kernersville came together and raised the $10,000 needed to build the depot and bring the railroad through Kernersville. In 1998 the depot was moved a safe distance back from the railroad tracks and was fully restored. Today the depot is still standing.

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