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W.C. Stafford Store

The W.C. Stafford store was a staple of Kernersville for almost one hundred years. It was first opened in 1905 by William Cornelius Stafford (W.C.) and served the largely rural population of Kernersville at that time providing them with all of their clothing needs. They sold overalls, jackets, ladies’ sleeping gowns, work boots and shoes, jeans, and shirts to the mostly farming population of Kernersville. One draw to the Stafford Store was their personalized service. When one shopped at the Stafford Store they received not only the clothes they needed, but also friendly conversation from their neighbors.

When W.C. Stafford passed away in 1934 his daughter, Boyd Stafford, took over management of the store. In 1974, after Boyd’s death, the store passed to her daughter, Liddy Collicutt. And then, finally, in 1992 Liddy’s daughter, Cathy Collicutt, took over management of the store until its closing in 1999. The store was located at 233 N. Main St. between the Musten & Crutchfield and H&R Block buildings.

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